Waste Recycling & Alternative Fuel Plant

Roltech understands how the waste and energy sectors are changing and expanding, as extracting and producing energy from waste becomes a more mainstream and established market for the energy sector.

We have the engineering experience to help with all your waste and fuel processing requirements, having designed and built some of the most advanced waste and recycling plants in the UK, as well as carrying out modifications to existing plants to enable our customers to update their facilities to handle increased demand.  And should you require it, we can build safety approved ATEX plants with explosion and fire protection.

We have built and installed a wide range of varying size plants and systems to handle various waste products, which includes

  • Whole Tyres
  • Shredded Tyres
  • Pulverized sewage pallets
  • SRF
  • Tyre Fluff
  • Waste Wood
  • Shredded Wood
  • Liquid Fuels
  • Scrap Metal
  • Whole Cars
  • Furness dust
  • Road Sweepings
  • Iron Ore
  • MBM

Our extensive experience in designing and building waste shredding and sorting plants to produce alternative fuels for the Cement industry, recycle materials back into the process and to generate energy through gasification and pyrolysis to feed the national grid.

Whatever your requirement Roltech can design and build tailor made packages to suit your needs.